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Hello, my name is Kensley. I am 42 years old and a HSP, highly sensitive psychic. I have and continue to learn how to use my sensitivity traits plus my natural gifted abilities to guide me through this journey of life. Traits of a HSP are in-depth brain processing, highly reactive to over stimulation, sensitivity to other’s emotions, plus deep feelings and awareness of surroundings for survival. All these traits are my guides to help you. I specialize in addiction behaviors, grief of loved ones and self-awareness. My goals for you are to help understand yourself and get to the root of the issue. I prefer using a technique called mind mapping along with positive mantra and an all over holistic approach to living. I focus in on one’s patterns, phases, or cycles of repetition that one might get stuck on repeat. Let’s stop that broken record and listen to Mother Earth. I’ll help guide you through this journey called life. Call me to hear what Mother Earth has to offer to help open your mind to find your true life’s mission and passion.
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