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My name is Merlin (extension 177), and I have over 20 years of experience as a professional psychic counselor. I use my natural gift of clairvoyance to provide exceptional insight into your current situation and give you straightforward guidance for the future. My on-the-spot intuition is incredibly accurate and revealing. I am confident, grounded, sincere, patient, and understanding with all who seek my counsel, providing upbeat and well-rounded psychic readings for many of the challenges in life. I specialize in romance and relationships, but I also interpret dreams, read past lives, communicate with pets, and practice hypnosis.

I think Merlin x177 immediately picked up on my situation and tuned into the details of what was transpiring. I am sure his predictions will transpire!

- Janell from CO,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

thanks! Merlin made me feel so much better!!!

- Margaret from PA,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

A few months back I was going through a tough time! Merlin saw a lot of good things coming my way. He told me in detail. He also told me that a large sum of money was coming my way! Which came true:) Merlin is my favorite because he is so easy to talk to he gives me hope ad has a wonderful gift!

- Jenny from NC,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177

This is the first time I have ever got a reading from Merlin to me he was excellent !!!! I would definitely get another reading from him . His psychic ability is amazing I feel you will not be disappointed and feel great after your reading!

- Carmen from NJ,  Reading with Merlin at Ext 177