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I am Adela (extension 283). I am here to provide insightful, healing and empowering readings that will guide you on your path. I have always been a Clairvoyant with a long line of ancestors and lives behind me. Clairvoyance combined with Tarot and Astrology are a powerful combination that speak to good and accurate readings. I have 26 years of experience in my field including 13 years as a professional Psychic and 14 years as a Metaphysical Minister. I do readings on all types of subjects. These include romance, love, marriage, soul mates, money, career, the friends and children in your life, past life readings, and how you are affected in the present. I work on loved pets and objects that appear to be lost. The biggest compliment one human being can give another is to allow them to contribute to their life. Call for a reading that will lift your spirit and strengthen you on your path.

Can I thank you publicly and personally. My spirit needed that talk so bad. I feel so blessed to have met you and the few god has put in my path. You feel like a fellow light. That just gives or your gifted energy time. You speak straight from your heart. You truly do care so much about those who want the help. You have added much needed clarity and yes anyone reading timing is not natural or something readers of varied gifts are given. It’s very rare. Adele does have this gift. It doesn’t take away from those who don’t have it. But just another attribute in your bag of gifts God gave you to help others. Thank you for the talk. For others looking she is a very very gifted reader. I’m certain she can help you whatever the need but once more aside from her accuracy she feels like a soothing balm. God keep you, protect you as you walk your path helping so many. I’m so grateful for tonight. A+ reader w heart of gold.

Alice from CA  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

Thanks so much, Adella! You are amazing, you are correct even about the hour... Yesterday you told that we will meet with him around 7pm, and we did!!! All your predictions happen:) Yours happy client:)

- Anya from Boston, MA ,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

Thanks so much, Adela!! Your predictions were true: you said 2 weeks ago that in 2 weeks he will open his heart to me, and he did yesterday!!!! Thanks for guiding me and for the truth;)

- Anya from Boston, MA ,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

I have had several readings with Adela. She is compassionate but honest. I always feel much better after I talk to her- even if she delivered the news I did not want to hear!

- Kim from NJ,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

I have been getting readings for many years now seeking advice and comfort. i have found that Adela is amazing she can pick up on things and answer your questions i found that she was caring of my situation and she truly wanted to ease my anxiety in the situation.she ended the reading with me feeling confident that all will work out!

- Leann from IL,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

I have been working with Adela on my relationship with a gentlemen i have been seeing. shes been been great with able to feel my emotioins and his also. she is able to ease my anziety with truth, sensitivity and understanding.

- Leann from IL,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

Adela was very truthful and picked up on everything. She helped me with so many issues going on in my life within minutes. I will definitely be calling her ext. 283 back! She is Great!! Btw, she said some things that made me get extremely emotional and weep from understanding. Thank you Adela!!!!!

- Jessica from LA,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

My reading was with Adela at ext 283. She was very friendly and I felt comfortable with her which is so important. I would speak with her again

- Gina from IL,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

Adela is fabulous! She gave accurate and honest insight to my questions. Will absolutely seek her out again!

- Tracy from CO,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

Adela was amazing. She was very accurate in her reading. In addition, she has a very warm and pleasant personality. I will be calling her again.

- Lorena from MD,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

I've contacted most gifted in the past and had a favorite thats no longer there. However upon finding Adela I hit a gold mine. She was on it from the very start she shared things with me no one else had. I new that then she would be the one. I highly recommend Adela to anyone who is going through a relationship problem she has the answers.

- Adrienne from IL,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

I just started with speaking to Adela she know so much about me riight off the back. She was ablr to give me the answers I was looking for, she didn't tell me what I wanted to hear but what she saw. They are real and truthful thats what I love about Mostgifted

- Adrienne from IL,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283

Adela, Iove her readings they're accurate and to the point. I would recommend her to anyone.

- Adrienne from IL,  Reading with Adela at Ext 283