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My name is Jackie (extension 733) and I have experience with tarot card readings, astrology, and numerology. I rely on psychic intuition to help me answer your questions regarding relationships, your career, finances, health, or when you just need someone to talk to. Please give me a call.

jackie is amazing very sweet and perfessional psychic her prediction are true accurate the best

- Maria from Tarrytown, NY,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733

What can say about this beautiful human being. She is a friend an so patient al just motherly while I've faced down one of the hardest moments of my life. I really don't know how to hank you. This field can be complicated an the motivations for doing it when truly gifted. Jackie 100% cares. She is a jewel to this website. There are done great psychics I truly appreciate as well. But I must say Jackie for me an the above I can only add to her credit she been abou 98% correct. We're talking splitting hairs or do ting that's very close if not 100 percent on. I love the. Yea details she gives in letting me know how the other party feels. And you k or what she right precise on the money. So I truly believe all these qualities in one person make for not just z great reading but she can get you through some pretty tough stuff. I just love me done Jackie. Haha thank you for all you words of wisdom, insight and guidance slug with well your just a stellar reader. A+. God bless.

- Alicia from Reno, NV,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733

I've been talking to Jackie for about 2 months and has been accurate. I have to admit that I doubted what she said when I first talked to her but she proved me wrong one day with one of her predictions came true. I never doubt her again and appreciate everything she's done for me. She is my #1 reader on this site.

- Tamara from IL,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733

What can I say, I've been reading w/ Jackie for some time now and she is just a wonderful human being. I was just jk with her it's like she's a therapist with amazing insight lol. But she just really is so compassionate an has such a heart for those she helps, I say helps because I'm getting through the hardest time of my life with her help. Her readings have been just so great. She I find is regularly superb with out comes, timing, what's going on behind the situation-its like she is there watching. So as far as her abilities, again-amazing. When you put her gifts together with such a compassionate loving human being you really get the best or one of the best readers on this network and that I've ever read with. So yes! Get a reading you won't be disappointed. Thank you for everything miss Jackie! Big hugs & God bless.

- A. from Reno, NV,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733

Jackie it's been a long road, emotionally physically. My marriage. Surgery. Your tendon steady. You've been such a source if comfort and a friend. I truly have found a gen. Thank you for skeays being there where other psychics cannot handle so much trauma. You I truly believe with god especially Re getting me through this. You have benn accurate always professional an can handle really it all. I don't mince my words when I say many of us vine yo you because you are the best reader in this line. From me I. SN give no higher compliment due to working this world knowing how hard it is an working with world readers. You truly are special. I hope this Vinod your retains you. You cannot go wrong with a reading from this wknam folks. You can get to hear things that are describing ur ditusyion but the precautions don't happen SN then you get done free will or moon in the wrong house excuse. She's not perfect know one but god is. It she has I think almost never not delivered in her predictions an timing is always very tight. Fast empathetic answers always. She is. Consistent. Thank you Jackie. All my love yo you an your family.

- Alicia from Reno, NV,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733

I have started to speak with Jackie, and about two guys her predictions came through, she is very gifted!!!! Will hope to reconnect with A as she predicted... I believe in her powers:) Anya

- Anya from Brookline,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733

What an amazing reading. She picked on things right away and I didn't say anything. Her reading gave me chills, i will definitely come back to Miss Jackie not only for her revelations, but because she doesn't sugar coat anything and is hones as well as caring.

- Diedrich ,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733

I have spoken to Jacky for many yrs,she's honest & straight forward & very friendy.her.extreadings are amazing & her prediction come true. she listen to you & answer your questions promtly.I highly recommended you to give her a call extension 733

- Ella from Ca,  Reading with Jacky at Ext 733