Past Life Readings

The past has answers to today's questions.

Past lives often hold the key to the present one. Many believe we come back again and again, living lives interconnected to those we've lived previously. A psychic reading into your past lives can reveal much about your current one. Are you and your partner soul mates? Are there karmic debts to be worked out? These are big questions that can be answered by your psychic reader.

It is possible that your same family members and friends played different roles in your past lives. In one life, your sister may have been your mother. Perhaps your best friend was once your lover. What could this mean to you in this life? A psychic reading can help you resolve ancestral conflicts, forgive the past, and learn to love.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Past Life Exploration

Q: What is Past Life Exploration?

A: Past Life Exploration is a spiritual journey, one of reaching back into a life you lived before and discovering its significant components.

Q: Why even bother recalling a past life?

A: While some people are merely curious about reincarnation, the main purpose of recalling past life experiences is to help you resolve issues that are preventing you from living your life fully in the present.

Q: How can past lives affect my current life?

A: People carry with them the residue of previous life episodes. If pain from the past is not recognized, processed, and ultimately released, the wound continues to infect the current life until healed. Do you feel stuck in life, beset by some suffering, confused or hurt but you can't figure out why? It often helps to revisit the originating experience to get insight into the chain of events that developed into the problem. And to look honestly at the lessons you weren't ready to learn at the time. Then, use this fresh perspective to wrap up unfinished business and get on with your life.

Q: What are some indicators of unprocessed past life trauma carried over to the present?

A: Some common past life indicators are:

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders: This can be traced back to a time when a person felt environment or circumstances were out of his or her control.
  • Suicidal Thoughts: Foremost, suicide is never the answer. For some, the pain of a past life comes back so intensely, they start to manifest dark thoughts.
  • Chronic Fatigue: The body in this life is still weighed down by bodily burdens from the past.
  • Multiple Personalities and Schizophrenia: Uncontrolled past life personalities arise and seep into the present personality.
  • Weight Problems: Continued suffering from a past life when the body was malnourished. Determined never to starve again, unneeded weight is gained for times of famine.
  • Unexplained Pains: If a particular ache is resistant to diagnosis, the source may originate from a past life injury.
  • Unexplained Phobias: When the reaction is out of proportion to the potential threat, this can be caused by a past life incident.
  • Recurring Nightmares: Dreams can provide a particularly intense recall into raw feelings from past life episodes.

Q: Why do we carry unresolved issues from life to life?

A: Our physical lives are limited, but our spiritual lives are not. We carry our unfinished business, unlearned lessons, and unresolved thoughts with us from previous lives to the next, until our work on ourselves is complete.

Q: What if I cannot recall my past life? Am I doomed to repeat the same mistakes?

A: Whatever is lost can be found, if sought. Your past life impressions may not reside in active memory, but they still exist. You may remember them in dreams but not carry the memories forward during waking hours. Just the same, you are the summary of your total past experiences; they inform your character, temperament, skills, intelligence, and relationships. A MostGifted Psychic can help you bridge the past, present, and future.

Q: How can I know how many past lives I've had?

A: We live in deeds, not years. The ultimate answer depends on how you lived and what you learned. A better question to ask yourself might be, “How much have I advanced in awareness and compassion?”

About Past Life Sessions

Q: What can I expect from a past life reading with a MostGifted psychic?

A: MostGifted psychics help you explore the contours of your past lives and reveal the characteristics you've carried forward. MostGifted Psychics create the silhouette, helping you uncover information and memories about how you lived previously, and then help you fill in the details.

Q: How does past life exploration help me?

A: This sequence has proven to be very effective, and your MostGifted psychic can guide you through it.

  1. Identify a problem by tracing it back to its point of origin.
  2. Connect with a past experience by reliving it.
  3. Release anguish by processing and understanding it.
  4. Heal pain through forgiveness of others, as well as yourself.

Q: How can I prepare for a past life exploration?

A: First, set your intent. Approach your session with an open mind and an objective. Second, keep a notebook and record déjà vu experiences; times when you are inexplicitly drawn to certain items, places, or themes; and strong reactions to people or places. Third, start with your current life: recall you earliest memories and progress slowly from that point. Afterwards, rewind those memories to as far back as you can.

Q: How intense is the experience?

A: Exploring your previous life can be a very powerful experience. Many participants engage their senses, vividly recalling specific moments with original intensity. For others, the recollection is subtle, involving vague images and fuzzy memories. In either case, most participants can access enough information to gain meaningful insight into previous lives.

Q: Will I re-live or recall a past life on my first try?

A: Many people do recall details and specific events. Most people experience at least the beginning of a flow of impressions, images, thoughts, and feelings from the past.

Q: During a past-life exploration, will I experience only the actual events of my past life?

A: Past life explorations include recalling combinations of experience, memory, thoughts, feeling, and psychic impressions. A recollection of autobiographical past life events is not the only component for uncovering the focus and lessons of previous lives.

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