Get Free Psychic Readings - Here's How

Four Ways To Gain Free Minutes For Your Free Psychic Readings

1) Fill Out a Survey - Earn 10 Minutes for a $39 Value

We're always eager to hear from our customers.  Fill out a 14 question survey, which takes about 5-10 minutes.  Let us know about your experience and how you rate our services.  For sharing your opinion with us, we will add 10 free minutes to your account. Fill out this survey.  This offer is valid once to current customers.

2) Buy Ten Packages - Get One FreePackage

For every ten regular priced packages you purchase, we provide an additional package to you for free.  Your next psychic reading is on us.  Call customer service at 1-800-604-9505 for details.

3) Join Our Mailing List - Free Specials

Email your name and postal contact to us, and we will mail monthly postcard psychic reading specials to you.  You'll be in our insider circle of best prices and customer specials.  You can read our privacy policy on how we treat your information.

4) Provide a Video Testimonial - Earn 30 Free Minutes for a $105 Value

Share with other how MostGifed Psychics has helped you. Just create a video describing your experience with MostGifted Psychics.  Guidelines:

  • Video must be at least two minutes in length. At a talking rate of about a hundred words per minute, plan at least a 200 word dialog.

  • The video must be usable.  The dialog must be clear and the presentation positive to MostGifted Psychics.
  • For the fine print, make sure you use no copyrighted material, that you have everyone's permission to appear in the video, and acknowledge that your video becomes the property of Legacy Creative Ventures when submitted, to be promoted according to our judgment.

Don't know what to talk about?  Describe how MostGifted Psychics has assisted you in making a better decision, helped you improve your life in some way, why you chose MostGifted Psychics, your impression of the quality of the psychic you spoke with, or how your last psychic reading went.  Email your video to with your customer number.  As long as your video meets the guidelines, your 30 free minutes will be added within 72 hours, for your next psychic reading.  This offer is valid once to current customers.